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Sales Support & Customer Service!


Higher Vibes Solutions is a sales support and customer service solution unlike any other in the industry. Higher Vibes provides independent brand sales support and consulting services as well as customer referrals and individual cannabis wellness coaching and guidance. 


Lead by one of California's top sales team leaders in the state, Higher Vibes is the perfect option when you need to hire or build a world class sales organization! Contact us below to inquire for additional information on how Higher Vibes Solutions can lift you up to higher success!

About Us

Higher Vibes Services*

Who we are and what we do.

Cannabis Professional, Scott “SVH” Von Heldt, has created his own independent sales support firm with a focus on a few select brands that have been born out of a creative connection to cannabis and music, or have the higher quality standard that buyers are looking for. With a focus on customer service and sales support, Higher Vibes Solutions offers several different sales solutions for both well established brands and new companies forming and entering the marketplace for the first time. Our experience and network value in the market is unmatched by any traditional sales team in the industry, providing you with a direct line to the success your seeking! 

We have a huge pre-existing book of business.

Having started in the cannabiz from the days of medical only all the way through to the latest changes in the recreational market, SVH and his team have serviced nearly 400 dispensaries statewide and maintain a huge book of business as well as solid relationships throughout the industry.

We have secured some of the largest market share in CA already.

SVH has locked in deals with some of the highest caliber shops in the entire legal cannabis market. From MedMen. MMD, and Cookies, to Lowell Cafe & Stiiizy, SVH has secured shelf space in some of the most discriminate shops across California.

The Integrity of your brand will NEVER be compromised.

As a longtime professional musician and artist, SVH understands that you have created your brand as an extension of your artistry and personal expression. Higher Vibes Solutions will NEVER compromise your vision and will fight to uphold your creative values in each and every sale, transaction, and presentation of your brand and likeness. Honest self-expression is the foundation SVH built his life on and you can be assured your brand will be represented with the highest level of personal and professional Integrity unlike what you’ve seen anywhere else in this market!

We are hand-selecting only a few choice brands to represent.

After nearly two years of navigating through a newly regulated legal cannabis market, SVH has a solid pulse on what dispensary buyers want and what they are willing to pay for it. So many distribution companies compile a big catalog or portfolio consisting of overpriced items with no real brand value or name recognition. This coupled with unrealistic margins and sales goals, has led to a huge frustration amongst buyers. Scott is using his hands-on, in-the-field experience to vett only the highest quality brands that fit into a realistic price and quality range to meet the markets demands. 

How does our Independent Sales Firm work?

We partner with brands, allowing our sales support team to aid them in client aqusition and customer service. We handle the sales support and customer service, and our brand partners either process their orders & distribute for themselves, or through our licensed California distribution partner Probioteck. This also gives us the ability to handle order fulfillment as needed, or to simply open doors and serve clients for your brand. We fully integrate your needs and budget when we negotiate a fair rate for opening new doors and design a fee structure that works for best for each brand we represent. All levels of representation, sales support, service, fulfillment, and commission structures, are tailored to your needs and budget! Our goal is to represent your creative vision and back that up with undeniable sales and success! 

Certified Cannabis Wellness Coaching!

Scott is also a lifelong advocate for holistic healing methods and natural products for health and wellness, In 2011 he formed Holistic Musician as an outlet to share his love of the healing power of sound alongside the safe and responsible use of sacred herbs and elixirs. in 2018 Scott was certified as a Cannabis Wellness Coach by the Healer Certification program developed by Dr. Dustin Sulak. Scott now offers weekly and monthly cannabis wellness coaching and consulting by targeting your specific cannabis goals and how to approach supplementing cannabis into your health and wellness plan. 


Free initial online consultations available as well as product and shop referrals!


About SVH

Scott Von Heldt

SVH is a longtime professional touring musician (having worked with members of Korn, White Zombie, Mudvayne, Cirque du Soleil, Cypress Hill, Limp Bizkit, and many others) and author of the book Mind Over Metal. Scott got into CBD, Hemp, and Cannabis sales professionally about 9 years ago when his daughter was born and he got off the road. He then started an online wellness company (Holistic Musician) and was one of the first ecommerce companies to offer CBD infused Teas and Coffees on Amazon and eBay before they initially banned ingestible hemp products. 

In 2017 SVH joined Herban Industries which began as a vape brand developer and quickly grew into a massive distributor in the CA legal cannabis market repping over a dozen brands, in all categories, statewide, in over 350 dispensaries before then going public on the Toronto Stock Market in November of 2018. As one of the original sales team leaders at Herban, SVH has trained and developed 3 cannabis  sales teams and served as Regional Sales Manager for all of Southern California. SVH helped lead Dionymed from a small startup to a publicly traded company and he maintains incredible relationships with shop owners and buyers all throughout the state.


Thereafter, Scott spent a few months on the sales management team at Vista Prime Distribution (home of Platinum Vapes) headhunting and opening new doors for their business. He now holds a seat as the Vice President of Sales for Shavo Odadjian of System of a Down's cannabis lifestyle brand 22 Red and works directly with their California distribution partners Ironworks, as well as providing sales training and educational consulting services to all 22 Red distribution partners in other legal states and stores throughout the US and Canada.

In 2021 Higher Vibes Solutions was hired by Dr. Greenthumb's Inc. to run sales for all of California, with SVH serving as Vice President of Sales. He continues to work closely with B Real, Kenji Fusjishima, and the Dr. Greenthumb's family .


Scott is also a Certified Cannabis Wellness Coach and is extremely passionate about cannabis as medicine. His ties to cannabis and creativity as a professional musician and sales guru give him a dynamic presence that makes him unique to any other sales executive in the game. 


Contact Us

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*Disclaimer - Higher Vibes Solutions operates as an ancillary consulting firm to the cannabis industry and does not do any direct sales of cannabis or cannabis products. All sales related transactions or operations are handled by a licensed distribution partner designated to the brands we serve. 

22 Red is distributed by Ironworks License #

Engager Brands (Heavy Grass, Clown, & Neon Roots) are distributed by Distro Ave. License # 

Deftones is Distributed by Golden Barn Distribution License # 

Team Elite Genetics is distributed by Team Elite License #

Originals is distributed by Kush Valley Collective License # 

Too Short Brand is distributed by Long Beach Greenroom License # 

Cali Blaise is distributed by Cali Blaise License # 

Canna Valley is distributed by Canna Valley License #


Sundazed is distributed by Greenbird Distribution License #


Elate is distributed by Elate Enterprises License # 

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